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‘Remind Me’ Is A Truly Simplistic Reminder App

If you’ve been on the lookout for a new reminder app, Remind Me is a great option. This is a simplistic reminder application, so if you like simplistic design, and don’t need every odd feature out there, check this app out.

Remind Me app is a simplistic reminder app that has a lot to offer

Don’t get me wrong, Remind Me has a lot to offer, it just doesn’t have any unnecessary, cluttery features. This app basically allows you to set reminders as notifications.

All you need to do is to get it going is enter a title, a description (if you want), and confirm. You’ll see a notification in your notification shade immediately. That’s the whole idea behind it, to keep a reminder in your notification shade.

There is an option to make these notifications persistent, just in case

If you’re worried you’ll accidentally clear that notification, and forget about it, don’t worry. This app can ensure that doesn’t happen. You can set those notifications to be persistent, so that you can’t accidentally swipe them away.

That’s not all, though, not even close. This app allows you to schedule repeating reminders, and you can even set priority for your reminders (low, medium, or high).

You can schedule reminders as well

If you’re wondering whether you can schedule reminders, instead of just putting them into the notification shade straight away… yes, you can. This is a full-fledged reminder app, so that option is included.

Dark mode is also a part of the package, as is a list of your past reminders

As you can see in the provided images below, the dark mode is available in the app. You can even place this app shortcut in your Quick Toggles, create a Quick Settings Tile.

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In case you forget what some of your past reminders were all about, and you need to know, don’t fret. This app offers a history of your reminders, which you can check at any time.

As you can see, the app does offer quite a few features, but doesn’t not go overboard with them. There are many reminder apps out there that packed way too much stuff on the inside. This app focuses on what matters, and it does a good job with that.

Download Remind Me app (Play Store)

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