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Renders of the Pixel 7a get leaked

The Google Pixel 7 and  Pixel 7 Pro are pretty popular devices so far. While we’re all gobbing over these phones, it won’t hurt to look toward the future. The future is the mid-range Pixel 7a, and we just got some new leaked renders of this device. They show us a nice-looking, if familiar, design.

Since 2021’s Google Pixel 6, the search giant has been refining its rather eccentric, yet pleasing aesthetic. The spotlight feature of the Pixel 6’s design is the notable camera visor on the back. Now, that we’re on the third iteration of the design, it appears that it’s here to stay, and Google is refining it.

We have new leaked renders of the Pixel 7a

Thanks to Onleaks (via 9To5Google) we have a good look at the upcoming mid-range device. The two renders show us the phone from pretty much all angles, and it has the design that we’ve come to know over the past year and a half.

These renders show the Pixel 7a in a white color, and we see that the phone borrows the camera visor from the Pixel 7. Rather than being made of glass, it’s made from the same metal as the frame. There’s a small ovular cutout for the two camera sensors. Also, is a small cut-out for the LED flash. On the back, we see the Google logo, and that’s about it.

Up front, we see the same type of display that’s on the Pixel 7, Pixel 6a, and Pixel 6. It’s a rather square display compared to most other phones with relatively sharp corners. Also, the punch hole is front and center. All of this shows us a pleasing white feather wallpaper.

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Looking at the sides, we see a bright matte metallic metal. On the right side, we see the power button that’s right above the volume rocker. On the other side of the device, we will see the SIM card tray. We don’t see the bottom of the phone in the renders, but we can expect the USB-C port and speaker. There may also be a microphone on the top.

With the Pixel 6a, Google used the same Tensor chip that we saw in the Pixel 6 Pro, and it gave that phone spectacular performance. At this point, we don’t have much information on the Pixel 7a, but we can expect it to use the Tensor G2 chip. This device is expected to launch in May of 2023, so if you are excited about this phone, there’s still a bit of time to wait.

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