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Reports: Powered-up “Switch 2” being demoed with high-res Breath of the Wild

Enlarge / This shot of Breath of the Wild, upscaled to 4K via PC emulator, could give some vague idea of the planned power of the Switch 2. (credit: Reddit)

After years of persistent rumors about Nintendo’s inevitable follow-up to the wildly successful Switch, new reports suggest the company is using an upscaled Breath of the Wild and other tech demos to show off the hardware’s potential power to select third-party developers.

A new Eurogamer report asserts vaguely that the outlet “understands” demos of a “Switch 2” were shown to developers behind closed doors at last month’s Gamescom convention in Germany. The demo reportedly highlighted a “souped up” version of Switch hit Breath of the Wild running on hardware at the same general power level Nintendo is targeting for its next console (though Eurogamer is quick to tamp down any expectations that any such remastered Breath of the Wild is actually planned for release).

VGC followed up with its own report saying that it could “corroborate [Eurogamer’s information] via our own sources,” including details of a Breath of the Wild demo with “higher framerate and resolution.”

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