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Review: Belkin Charging Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

Belkin Charging accessories are available right on the heels of Samsung’s launch of their new Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ua. Except starting this year, the box contains basically the phone and a cable but no charging brick.

With the charging brick disappearing from flagship devices, perhaps it’s time to get something new and different. Why not get charging accessories that charge your smartphone but other gadgets as well?

Seems like Belkin has an answer to that question. They now have a complete set of charging accessories, specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S21 range.

The entire list of accessories includes fast wall chargers and portable charging solutions, smart speakers, and UV sanitizers. For this roundup review, Belkin sent us a Gallium Nitride (GaN) wall charging plate, a USB-C to USB-C cable, and a 10K mAh Power Bank. I have been using these for a little over two weeks now with my personal Samsung Galaxy S21.

Let’s dive into a quick review to see how these gadgets work with the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Belkin BoostCharge Pro GaN Wall Plate

The GaN Wall Plate converts a regular power outlet into two additional USB-C PD outlets. With this Wall Plate you can charge two devices while continuing to use the two regular ports to power other conventional electrical gadgets. Better yet, this wall plate has GaN technology so it can provide a lot of wattage in a small package without overheating.

One port has 50W output and the other one has 18W output via Power Delivery standard. This lets you charge modern gadgets quite rapidly. In addition, you can still plug in your regular power brick in case your device doesn’t support the PD charging protocol.

During my use review period, I charged two cell phones and either the 10K Power Bank or a tablet frequently. I like that if you are in the Android ecosystem, most modern smartphones support PD charging so all you need is a USB-C cable and no charging brick. The Wall Plate has a list price of $59.99 and is available from Belkin directly.

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Belkin BoostCharge Power Bank 10K + Stand

The next charging accessory in the reviewer goodie bag is the BoostCharge PowerBank with 10,000 mAh capacity. But one interesting twist is that this one has a retractable stand to prop your smartphone. This lets you continue gaming or streaming video while charging. You can also just use the stand by itself to view notifications on a desk while you are working.

Speaking of charging, the Power Bank has two charging ports. One is a USB-C and the second is a regular USB port. The ports have a 12W shared output. For charging there’s a 12W USB-C input on the opposite side of the output ports. During my review period, I used it to charge two smartphones quite frequently. With a 10K mAh capacity it is able to charge a couple of smartphones fully before needing a recharge.

I wish that somehow Belkin could incorporate wireless charging in this device as well. Oh and using the USB-C port as an input port as well would help reduce the footprint and bulk of the device.

Belkin BoostCharge Braided USB-C to USB-C Cable

The last item Belkin sent us for review was a high-quality braided USB-C to cable. Belkin claims that this cable made with double-braided nylon can survive 10,000+ bends. This should mean that the cable will easily outlast your latest smartphone in most cases. Braided cables are not everyone’s cup of tea but I like this one especially since it is black in color and matches the PowerBank quite nicely. Belkin also claims that this cable is USB-IF certified which means you are covered as far as USB standards for charging and Power Delivery are concerned.

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Final thoughts on Belkin Charging Accessories for the S21 Devices

I like the Wall Plate the most of all the devices Belkin sent me. It provides a lot of versatility and looks just like a regular wall outlet. However, you also get two USB-C PD outlets with support for 50W wired USBC-C charging. You can just plug in the cable Samsung provides in the S21 box and be all set. I can see this type of device gaining traction as GaN technology goes more mainstream.

The Power Bank provides a useful retractable stand. However, I wish it was a bit less bulky and also had support for higher watt output instead of only 12W. The braided cable is nice and priced well. Combined all three gadgets would set you back about $120 but hopefully, you may not need all three. I think you need to keep an eye out for Belkin’s sale offers to snag a good deal.

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