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RFID: Michelin networks its car tyres

Last updated on March 9, 2021

In future, every Michelin car tyre will be able to sparkle via RFID. This is intended to save time and provide safety for drivers, workshops and the trade.

Michelin will in future install RFID technology in all car tyres. For example, it can be used to tell the driver what state his car tires are in. The RFID chips are inserted into the tire during vulcanization during production. This should enable the tire to be tracked from the factory to the end. When installed in a car, it can signal its condition to the maintenance system in good time. However, this does not refer to a sensor that reports wear or loss of air, but to the service life of the tire. Michelin has been supplying parts of its car tyres with chips since mid-2019. The advantage of RFID technology is that it is a relatively inexpensive way of identification and is very robust. Thanks to precise tire identification, RFID chips enable additional functions according to Michelin. In the future, the ESP system could adapt to the respective tire characteristics transmitted by the chip. In the workshop, the coding is intended to prevent incorrect installation. RFID module in the tire (Picture: Michelin)

Thanks to tire identification, the correct tire dimension is to be transmitted to the board computer via the vehicle electronics. The usual advantages in warehousing can also be used with the RFIDs in the tires. This makes stocktaking easier. According to Michelin, it is possible to determine which raw materials are available before the tyres are recycled.

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