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Samsung Brings Its Web Browser App To The Galaxy Watch 4

Undoubtedly, Samsung hit the ball out of the park with the release of the Wear OS 4.0 powered, Galaxy Watch 4. It is the best Wear OS smartwatch that your money can buy right now.

The user interface, unlike the previous generation of Wear OS smartwatches, is smooth. This is all thanks to the collaboration between Samsung and Google for developing Wear OS for Galaxy Watch 4.

Another best thing about Galaxy Watch 4 is the support for a host of Samsung software add-ons. In line with this, the company is adding one more app for Galaxy Watch 4 Wear OS users.

Notably, the Samsung internet browser app has been released for Galaxy Watch 4 powered by Wear OS. This will let users access the internet straight from their smartwatches.

Just to let you know, the Samsung internet browser app was previously available only for the company’s Tizen OS-powered smartwatches.

However, the internet app for Galaxy Watch 4 is a modified version of the browser, which allows users to access websites from smartwatches that may not be accessible previously via the device.

The Samsung internet browser app is available to download on Galaxy Watch 4 via the Play Store

While this all may sound cool, but the real question is how practical it is to use a full-fledged browser app on such a tiny screen of a smartwatch?

Well, as noted by 9To5Google, the answer to this is gestures. When you open a webpage using the Samsung internet browser app on your Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch, a guide will pop up.

It will explain to you all the details you need in order to maneuver the app on your smartwatch. The guide explains that a diagonal swipe from either side of the screen will take you to the corners of the webpage.

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Swiping up on the screen will show you the bookmarks, zoom mode, and a shortcut to send the webpage directly to your connected smartphone.

Once you open the app on your Galaxy Watch 4, the first page shows you all the bookmarks in a list form, which is synced from your phone.

Tapping on the search button allows you to navigate to websites of your liking. You can even change the search engine as well. Google is set as the search engine by default. The other options include Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, or Bing.

It may not sound that nice to use a browser on such a small screen, but it could come in handy in different situations. More importantly, the idea here is to negate the need to pull out the phone from the pocket for general searches that can be easily done on a smartwatch.

You can download the Samsung internet browser app from the Google Play Store.

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