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Samsung Could Have 2nm Chips By 2025

Semiconductor technology has been getting better over the years, and chips are coming with thinner processes. According to AnandTech, Samsung plans to manufacture chips with a 2nm process by 2025.

Samsung says 2nm processor mass production will take a few years

Several companies including Intel have been working on manufacturing thinner silicon, and Samsung is one of them. The company is simultaneously working on 3nm chips and 2nm chips, as both are pretty hard to do.

Samsung was able to have some prototypes for a 3nm chip as early as 2019, and it was able to get them to its partners. The company plans to have 3nm chips in mass production by the end of next year. For the time being, we don’t know if the company was able to keep things on track, as it unveiled the prototypes before the Coronavirus pandemic.

When it comes to the 2nm chips, the company will need to take some more time. We don’t know too much about these chips, but Samsung is talking about getting these into production as early as 2025. However, as stated by AnandTech, the mass production process may take an additional 3-6 months, which could possibly push this into 2026.

There’s still one elephant in the room… the chip shortage

At this point, it’s really hard to say what will actually happen. Companies have been planning on 3nm and 2nm chips for years and working on the technology, but that was all before this chip shortage. The world is still dealing with the shortage and it’s hard to tell if it’s had any impact on production.

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So far, it doesn’t seem that companies have come out to say so. The past year and a half has put a lot of things on hold and a lot of things in perspective. Samsung looks to be leading the pack, so if we see 3nm chips next year, it could actually be a good sign.

Other Samsung news includes a possible dual-sided fingerprint scanner on the Z Fold 4

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has just launched, so it seems odd that we’re talking about the Galaxy Z Fold 4. In any case, Samsung was just awarded a patent for a dual-sided fingerprint scanner.

From the looks of the patent images, you’ll be able to unlock the phone regardless of whether it’s open or closed. We don’t know if Samsung will use this in the very next Galaxy Fold devices, but at this point, it seems likely.

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