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Samsung Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A53 5G

Within the last few years, the Samsung Galaxy A-series phones have emerged as some of the best options for budget mobile devices. That said, not all of them are priced as such. The Galaxy A14 5G, for example, is clearly outlined as a budget-oriented phone starting at $199.99. The Galaxy A53 5G, on the other hand, starts at $449. Let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A53 5G, and determine whether or not that extra $250 is actually worth spending.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A53 5G: At a glance

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Though the A14 5G and A53 5G are both situated within Samsung’s A-series of devices, they are separated by a $250 divide. The A14 5G starts at $199.99 while the A53 5G starts at $449. That said, the realistic differences between both devices are significant, and you get your money’s worth with the A53 5G.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A53 5G: At a glance

  • The Galaxy A14 5G (released January 2023) is newer than the A53 5G (released March 2022).
  • While both phones have higher refresh rate displays, the Galaxy A53 5G’s Super AMOLED display is much nicer.
  • The Galaxy A53 5G charges at a maximum 25W rate, while the Galaxy A14 5G is stuck with 15W charging.
  • The Galaxy A14 5G has no water or dust resistance rating. The A53 5G, on the other hand, has an IP67 rating.
  • The camera system in the Galaxy A53 5G outperforms the setup found within the Galaxy A15 5G. That said, the cameras on the A14 5G will suffice for most casual users.
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Samsung Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A53 5G: Specs

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
Display 6.6-inch PLS LCD
FHD+ resolution (1080 x 2408)
90Hz refresh rate
6.5-inch Super AMOLED
FHD+ resolution (1080 x 2400)
120Hz refresh rate
Processor MediaTek Dimensity 700 (or Exynos 1330) Exynos 1280
Storage 64/128 GB internal storage
4/6/8 GB RAM
Expandable storage up to 1TB (microSD)
128/256 GB internal storage
4/6/8 GB RAM
Expandable storage up to 1TB (microSD)
Battery and power 5,000mAh
15W wired charging
25W wired charging
Cameras Rear: 50MP f/1.8 main, 2MP f/2.4 macro, 2MP f/2.4 depth
Front: 13MP f/2.0
Rear: 64MP f/1.8 main, 12MP f/2.2 ultrawide, 5MP f/2.4 macro, 5MP f/2.4 depth
Front: 32MP f/2.2
Security Power button fingerprint sensor Optical under-display fingerprint sensor
Water resistance None IP67
Software Android 13, One UI Android 12, One UI (Upgradable to Android 13)
Connectivity USB-C, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.2, 3.5mm audio USB-C, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.1, 3.5mm audio

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A53 5G: Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G comes with a triple camera setup on the back. The 50MP f/1.8 main sensor has the capacity to take some great shots, as long as the lighting conditions are good. In low-light situations, the quality drops off drastically, and there will be noticeable distortion in the resulting images. Furthermore, the depth and macro cameras on the back are not very useful.

As previously mentioned, the Galaxy A53 5G costs about $250 more than the A14 5G. However, for that extra money you spend, you get a much better camera setup. The rear 64MP f/1.8 main sensor can produce shots with solid detail, dynamic range, and exposure, especially under good lighting conditions. Even when the lighting isn’t as good, the cameras on the A53 5G can produce sufficient images.

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Samsung Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A53 5G: Battery and charging

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

There is one major difference between the Galaxy A14 5G and the Galaxy A53 5G, and that would be in their maximum charging speeds. Both have 5,000mAh batteries, and neither device has wireless charging.

At its low, entry-level price, 15W charging isn’t a surprise on the A14 5G. That said, for people who need to get up and go quickly, charging a 5,000mAh battery at 15W can be a bit taxing. You need patience, and it can take over two hours to charge the device fully.

On the other hand, the more expensive A53 5G features faster 25W charging. No, this isn’t as blazing fast as a device that will charge at 50W or 100W — but it gets the job done quicker than the A14 5G. Paired with the dedicated Samsung 25W charger, the A53 5G can charge to full in around 85 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A53 5G: Pricing

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G: Starts at $199.99

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: Starts at $449

In terms of what you get for the price, the Galaxy A14 5G wins outright. The A53 5G does bring more to the table specs-wise, but if you’re going to be spending upwards of $450 on a phone, there are plenty of options from smaller manufacturers that pack more performance into that price-point than an Exynos 1280 would be able to provide. Start looking at used and refurbished options, and things look even rougher for the A53 5G.

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That said, the A53 5G isn’t a bad buy by any means. You get expandable storage and an IP67-rating, which doesn’t go unnoticed. It also has a pretty nice screen.

If you’re purely looking get the most bang for your buck, though, go with the A14 5G. It will do the job well for the low price you pay.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A53 5G: Which should you buy?

The A14 5G is the better buy if you’re looking to stay within a certain price bracket. That sub-$200 range is really where Samsung’s A-series of devices shines, and paying more than that almost doesn’t seem worth it when you take into account the competition.

Phones like the Poco F4, Xiaomi 12, and Samsung’s own Galaxy S20 FE and S21 FE can all be had for around that price. If you’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy A-series of devices, you’re looking to get as much phone as you can for the lowest possible price.

The Galaxy A14 5G fits that description.

$399.00 at Amazon


Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Large, crisp, fluid display
Great battery life
4 years of OS updates