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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ua May Feature An ISOCELL HP2 Sensor

The Galaxy S23 Ua is one of the year’s most anticipated smartphones, and many Samsung fans are waiting for its debut. Still, there are many speculations about the specs and hardware. The latest rumors suggest that the phone may launch with an ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor.

The camera is one of the most important parts of the high-end galaxy phones’ lineup, and Galaxy S23 Ua is not an exception. To date, we’ve heard some rumors about a possible camera setup like a 200MP sensor. However, none of them are yet confirmed. The famous tipster @UniverseIce is now saying that the Galaxy S23 Ua may come with an ISOCELL HP2 sensor.

The Galaxy S23 Ua might take a new camera sensor

Currently, Samsung has nothing called ISOCELL HP2 in its lineup, and the so-called sensor is still in the development phase. The ISOCELL HP1 and ISOCELL HP3 are other candidates, but industry experts firmly believe that Samsung is going to take the plunge with a new sensor. The previous reports also confirm that the S23 Ua won’t take the ISOCELL HP3.

The ISOCELL HP2 could be placed between the ISOCELL HP1 and the ISOCELL HP3. The HP1 and HP3 use 0.64μm and 0.56μm pixels, and the HP2 may feature 0.60μm pixels.

Some sources claim that the Galaxy S23 Ua may launch with a 45MP camera. While the megapixels war is at its hot spot, it’s unlikely that Samsung would accept the risks of this huge leap. Also, the latest reports from Galaxy Club insist that Samsung has no plan to upgrade the telephoto zoom camera on the Galaxy S23 Ua. The Korean company might also stick with the same 10MP telephoto zoom camera on the vanilla Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23+.

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But the story for the primary camera on the Galaxy S23 Ua could be different. All industry watchers believe that Samsung will use a sensor above 108MP in the phone. The Korean company can fuel the fire of competition by using a higher-resolution primary camera.

Of course, we’re still much behind the launch date, and Samsung may decide to disrupt all predictions. According to Samsung’s schedule, The Galaxy S23 Ua will arrive in February 2023. As we get closer to the launch date, more specs and renders leak, and we’ll get a more detailed look into the phone.

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