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Samsung is already securing the Galaxy S25 brand name

The Galaxy S24 series may just be starting to take shape, but Samsung has already begun preparations for its successor. It has filed a trademark application for the Galaxy S25 brand name. This follows the Galaxy S24 trademark in early August.

First spotted by GalaxyClub, Samsung recently registered the Galaxy S25 brand name in Mexico. The application was filed with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) on September 12. As expected, it falls under “class 9” of intellectual properties with the description precisely reading “teléfonos inteligentes.” That’s Spanish for smartphones.

This trademark application from Samsung doesn’t reveal anything more. However, it’s another proof that the Korean firm is being more active in registering brand names for its future products lately. The company usually did this just a few months before the launch, but it registered the Galaxy S24 moniker in July this year. That’s more than six months before the expected launch of the new flagships.

Samsung then surprised everyone by filing trademarks for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 7 brand names last week. The latter of the two isn’t expected to come until the second half of 2025, which means the registration came almost two years early. It appears the Korean firm is making a habit of such early registrations. The Galaxy S25, which should debut in early 2025, now has an official trademark too.

Interestingly, Samsung filed this trademark application in Mexico. It usually registers brand names for upcoming products in the UK, Europe, or South Korea first, followed by other regions. This change doesn’t mean anything notable, though. The Galaxy S25 trademark may soon pop up on the official trademark websites in other markets as well.

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The Galaxy S24 series may arrive early

An early registration of the Galaxy S24 brand name may be followed by an early launch of the phones. Rumors are that Samsung is planning to unveil its 2024 flagships in January. We don’t yet have a precise launch date, but the company is reportedly starting the mass production of key components in November. The production of the Galaxy S23 began in December, with the official launch taking place on February 1, 2023.

While we wait for the Galaxy S24 launch date, leaks about the devices are gradually getting more detailed and frequent. Samsung is bringing back its Exynos processor to the flagship lineup, but the Ua model may still ship with a Snapdragon chip globally. You can expect more rumors about the phones in the coming weeks as the Korean firm prepares for the launch early next year.

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