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Samsung may have a unique Galaxy S23 case with NFC & LED

Samsung may be readying a unique clear case with an attached ring for the Galaxy S23 series. Allegedly called the “Clear Gadget Case” or “Standing Case with Ring Grip Universal,” this official protective cover for the new Galaxy flagships appears to have some sort of NFC connectivity. An LED is seemingly included too.

Noted tipster Roland Quandt recently shared a couple of images showing this novel protective case for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ua. As you can see above (and below), the plastic attachment that secures the metallic ring to the case has “Slide to Unlock” printed on it. An arrow points you in the direction you need to slide the attachment. By the looks of it, this case will use NFC to allow users to unlock the device with a swipe or slide of a finger on the back.

Unfortunately, details are missing, so we can’t confirm that just yet. It isn’t unrealistic that “Slide to Unlock” is simply an instruction on how to unlock and remove the ring from the case. After all, it appears detachable. One of the images shows it attached horizontally while the other has it attached vertically on the back. However, the LED may still have some more meaningful purpose. Since you’ll usually keep the phone screen down with this case on, the LED could indicate notifications. It may also show the device’s battery status. The case will probably communicate with your Galaxy S23 via NFC to obtain the information.

Samsung will offer a host of official protective cases for the Galaxy S23 series

This is just one of a host of official covers that Samsung is readying for the Galaxy S23 trio. Leaks have suggested that the company will offer several other options in a wide range of colors. Most of those accessories, if not all, should be available for purchase from February 1. Samsung should start selling them immediately after unveiling the new flagships. We will have to wait and see if this potentially NFC-powered option debuts next week.

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That said, the source isn’t entirely sure if it’s an official accessory made by Samsung or a third-party offering. The aforementioned names exist in Samsung’s portfolio but Qaundt couldn’t confirm whether the images show that solution. However, what we know is that this unique cover with some never-before-seen features will be available for the Galaxy S23 trio in the market sometime next month, if not on the very first day. Stay tuned for more information.

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