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Samsung Rolls Out An Update To Improve Camera At The Galaxy S21 Lineup

Samsung has started to roll out an update for the Galaxy S21 lineup that improves camera performance, Sammobile reports.

Galaxy S21 is one of the best-selling models for Samsung, and it features a powerful camera setup. The competition between OEMs to add more power to their smartphones has led to significant improvements. Now, Samsung wants to add fuel to the fire of competitions by rolling out an update that brings camera improvements to the Galaxy S21 lineup.

Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, or Galaxy S21 Ua users in India have reported the release of this new update. The firmware version is G99xxXXU2AUC8, and the whole update weighs over 1GB. The package includes improvements for the camera and as well as overall performance improvements. The users in other regions may start receiving the update in the coming weeks.

With the new update, Galaxy S21 owners can use the regular camera to take portrait photos. Previously, using only telephoto cameras or the uawide camera for taking portraits was allowed. This is the only notable improvement that Samsung mentioned. Other minor improvements may be included.

Moreover, the camera update is not the only thing that Samsung offers to Galaxy S21 owners. The April 2021 security patch is also available in this package to enhance the security level of your device. Samsung has previously released the March 2021 security patch to this series of its smartphones.

The Galaxy S21 lineup owners may receive a notification that informs them about whether the update is available for their region. If you haven’t received the notification, check the Settings » Software update » Download and install.

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The camera improvement update may head to other smartphones

The update for improving the camera at portrait mode is just available for the Galaxy S21 lineup. But Samsung may not limit it to flagship phones and release it for other mid-range or high-end smartphones.

The Korean OEM constantly improves the camera performance through regular updates. Moreover, Samsung has recently decided to bring some Galaxy S21 camera features to Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series. This strategy will help the company to satisfy users and fill the gap between its flagship smartphones.

Of course, regular updates are not the only Samsung strategy to stoke interests in its Galaxy S21 flagships. Some sources reported that “Phantom Green” is a new color that Samsung considers for Galaxy S21+. Samsung fans in Australia may soon be able to buy S21+ in this color.

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