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Samsung teases a 200MP zoom camera for smartphones

In September 2021, Samsung launched the world’s first 200MP camera for smartphones. It has since followed up with two more 200MP sensors, one of which is found on the Galaxy S23 Ua. However, all three of those cameras are wide-angle lenses with short focal lengths, meaning that they can only be used as primary shooters. The company plans to bring the benefits of high-resolution sensors to telephoto cameras with a 200MP zoom lens.

According to Samsung, telephoto cameras are now seen as “the second main camera” instead of just a secondary camera. That’s because of the benefits of optical zoom when taking portrait photos. Main cameras distort close-up shots due to their short shooting distance and wide field of view. “Since the human face’s 3D shape is projected onto the 2D image sensor, the center of the face is extended compared to the face’s peripheral because of the relative distance from the camera,” Samsung explains.

With telephoto cameras, which have a longer focal length and a narrow field of view, the distortion is much lesser. Zoomed-in portrait shots also offer better background blur. However, the relatively small size of zoom cameras means images are of lower resolution and don’t offer the same quality as main cameras. Samsung wants to close this gap. This can be done with ua-high-resolution telephoto lenses. The Korean firm says it has a vision of making 200MP sensors for zoom photography.

In a lengthy Newsroom post, Samsung explained how high-resolution zoom cameras could be the next big thing in smartphone photography. It has provided samples and technical insight into this vision. However, the company didn’t reveal when we can expect such sensors from it. Hopefully, it will have more to share about this vision soon. Don’t expect this camera on the Galaxy S24 Ua, though.

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Samsung may downgrade the Galaxy S24 Ua to a 5x zoom camera

We have come across two contrasting pieces of information surrounding Samsung’s zoom cameras today. On one hand, the company says that zoom cameras have become the second main camera on smartphones. On the other hand, it is downgrading the Galaxy S24 Ua to a 5x zoom lens from a 10x solution found on the Galaxy S23 Ua.

It’s reportedly increasing the resolution from 10MP to 50MP. If only the Korean giant could do this without lowering the optical zoom level of the sensor. This change means the Galaxy S24 Ua won’t have an upper hand over the competition in camera zoom capabilities. Time will tell whether the decision backfires. The Galaxy S24 series is rumored to arrive in January 2024.

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