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Samsung Working On A Galaxy S20 FE LTE Model With Snapdragon 865

According to Sammobile, Samsung wants to release a new variant of Galaxy S20 FE LTE powered by a Snapdragon 865 chipset.

Samsung is currently selling the LTE and 5G variants of Galaxy S20 FE. The LTE versions use Exynos 990 and 5G version feature Snapdragon 865 chipset. Samsung released its Galaxy S20 FE lineup in September 2020. Now it wants to update the chipset of LTE variants and equip them with Snapdragon 865. This way, both LTE and 5G versions will use a single type of SoC.

Dates back to weeks ago, this new variant was available at the Wi-Fi Alliance database, and Samsung refused to share more information about it. Of course, this is not the first time Korean OEM is releasing smartphones that have overlap with each other. It seems that Samsung wants to diversify its high-end smartphone lineup, and maybe this new variant will ship in particular markets.

The model number is SM-G780G, and there will be no change in other specifications. Of course, Samsung Pay may come to this new model, and customers can use it on traditional magnetic payment terminals.

Previously, the new variant of S20 FE LTE was spotted at Thailand’s NBTC. Of course, the NBTC doesn’t reveal much information except that the phone is coming with 4G connectivity and support for single and dual sim.

Moreover, the original Galaxy S20 FE came with Android 10 OS and One UI 2.5. But this new variant may run the latest edition of Android 11 and One UI skin for the initial launch. The old models of Galaxy S20 FE recently received One UI 3.1 update. No more changes in the hardware, camera setup, battery storage, or display are reported.

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The new variant of Galaxy S20 FE may go to specific target markets

The new move by Samsung looks stranger when we know that it is working on a Galaxy S21 FE, and this phone may debut in the next few months. Introducing a brand-new high-end smartphone while investing in an old model is a weird strategy that only Samsung knows about it.

But maybe Samsung wants to release this phone in particular markets. Samsung is developing 5G models of its smartphones and is pushing them to new markets. Moreover, not all target markets are ready for 5G. So where the 5G variants can’t go, the new Snapdragon LTE variants are good alternatives. No more information is available about this new phone, and we need to wait for more announcements from Samsung.

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