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Samsung’s Patents For A Triple Folding Smartphone Leaked

Samsung is reportedly working on a triple folding phone, and the company has filed a patent for it. According to 91mobiles, Samsung filed this patent at the World Intellectual Property Organization in November 2020.

Leaked images show all the design angles and folding mechanisms of this phone. Samsung triple folding phone has a hinge design similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and it will likely go through some improvements.

As for the leaked images, there is a punch-hole at the top for the selfie camera. At the back of the phone, there are two separate hinges for folding the device.

Also, the middle hinge will carry the camera lenses, which appear for selfies when the phone is folded. The right screen folds over the center panel, and the left screen goes behind it. Moreover, the rear camera has three lenses that are placed vertically.

Samsung plans to launch a triple folding phone

The left screen side will carry the USB Type-C port and speaker grill. Also, you can fold the device to use it in a desktop view, thanks to DeX mode. The main screen is wider than Galaxy Z Fold 2 to show more content.

This is not the first time that we are facing patents and leaked images of Samsung triple folding phones. Dates back to April and December, some patents about the phone leaked, and weeks ago, Samsung showed its triple folding display in a video.

Adding S Pen to folding devices is asked by users, and it seems that Samsung is working on it. Recently, some readers of Samsung triple folding device were leaked that showed the device could hold the S pen stylus between its corners.

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These occasional leaks prove that the Korean company is preparing to launch its triple folding phone in the near future. The exact launch time and other specifications are still unknown. However, Samsung is famous for pushing the envelope. Therefore, we have to wait for more announcements from the company.

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