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Save Up To 40% On Insignia Smart TVs With Fire TV Built-In

If you’re looking for an affordable HD smart TV, Insignia TVs are now marked down for Black Friday. There are six different TVs to choose from now, and they’re all available via Amazon.

The prices range from $99.99 to $229.99. Do note that the only model that has not been discounted is that $229.99 variant, all others have been marked down by up to 40%.

The cheapest model is actually a 24-inch smart HD TV. It does have Fire TV support, as do all other TVs on this list. This is a 2020 model, and if you’re looking for a smaller TV, this one is extremely affordable.

There is also a 32-inch TV that has been announced in 2021. That variant is priced at $149.99 now, as it has been discounted by $70 (32%). That TV offers fullHD resolution, and does support Alexa as well, as does the variant we’ve talked to first.

This model also offers DTS TruSurround, and supports HDMI ARC as well. It’s not a gigantic TV, but considering its price tag, this is a rather good offer as well.

If you want something a bit later, the company is offering 39-inch and 42-inch models. Granted, those are not gigantic TVs either, but some of you probably don’t have the space, nor want huge TVs.

The 39-inch model comes with HD resolution, and is priced at $189.99. It usually costs $249.99, so this is a 24% discount. This is the same model as the 24-inch TV we talked about, but larger.

The 42-inch variant is priced at $229.99. This smart TV offers fullHD resolution, and it’s a newer, 2021 model. It does support Alexa, it even comes with an Alexa voice remote. DTS TruSurround is included as well.

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As with all other Insignia TVs on the list, Fire TV is a part of the package. You can watch all kinds of different content on the TV thanks to it. Prime Video is available, as is Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube, Apple TV+, and so on. You’ll just need subscriptions for services that require one, of course.

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