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SCUF’s PS5 Reflex Controller Offers Heightened Gameplay

SCUF, the premiere brand for high-end customizable console controllers, is today launching the Reflex, a pricey version of the DualSense controller for PS5 that allows for heightened gameplay through advanced features. Like its Instinct Pro launched earlier this year, the Reflex offers back paddle buttons that you can use to customize your game controls.

The back paddle controls are also removable. So, you can keep them on when you want them and store them away when you don’t. A feature its Instinct controllers don’t have. Like the Instinct and Instinct Pro though, these are also programmable. SCUF has additionally implemented the same on-controller system for setting up profiles.

A quick press of the button on the back allows you to swap between them. And holding it down allows you to set them up. Prices for the Reflex will start at $199, and go up from there depending on what model you pick and what kinds of customizations you make.

There are three models of the SCUF Reflex for PS5

Before you rush out to try and buy one of these, you may want to consider which model you want. There will be three models of the Reflex. As opposed to the two offered in the Instinct line for Xbox.

First, there’s the Reflex and Reflex Pro. These both come with the back paddle buttons. But the Pro model comes with the high-performance grip on the back. Which, personally, I think you want. After using the Instinct Pro, the grip is a huge benefit to have.

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Lastly, there’s the Reflex FPS. This is essentially the same as the Pro model, but it adds the instant triggers with considerably less travel time. Meant specifically for FPS titles like Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield 2042, and other FPS titles.

The Reflex FPS has no adaptive triggers

Because of these triggers, you lose the adaptive triggers and the advanced haptics that the regular DualSense offers. In fact, the Reflex FPS comes without any force feedback motors at all. This is meant to provide gamers with better control as there won’t be any “unintended vibrations” at critical moments. Allowing you to keep your aim right where it should be. On your opponents.

You do however get the adaptive triggers and the advanced haptics on the Reflex and Reflex Pro models. The controller goes on sale starting today. With pricing starting at $199 for the Reflex, $229 for the Reflex Pro, and $259 for the Reflex FPS model. You can grab the controllers exclusively at SCUF’s website.

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