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Shocking rumor says Galaxy S24 Ua will lack 10x zoom camera

A shocking rumor has just surfaced regarding the Galaxy S24 Ua. Noted tipster Ice Universe claims that the new Samsung flagship will lack a 10x optical zoom camera. It’s unclear whether the company will replace it with something else or completely remove the 10x lens.

The tipster first shared this information last Friday. He said Samsung will drop the telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom from the Galaxy S24 Ua. However, the source deleted the X/Twitter post later, suggesting that it was a false alarm. But not to be. The tipster followed up with another post saying he was verifying the details and would share more information soon.

It appears his source has confirmed the lack of a 10x optical zoom camera on the Galaxy S24 Ua. In a new post, Ice Universe said he’s “worried about [the] S24 Ua” because “it removes the 10x optical camera.” The post is accompanied by 1x, 10x, 30x, and 100x photos captured using the Galaxy S23 Ua. The tipster is trying to highlight the zoom capabilities of the current Samsung flagship.

The Galaxy S24 Ua missing a 10x zoom camera would be shocking

If this rumor turns out to be accurate, then it would be a shocking decision by Samsung. Its Ua flagships have had a 10x optical zoom camera since the Galaxy S21 Ua in 2021. It has given the company an edge over its rivals. No other company has been able to match Samsung’s optical zoom levels. It’s hard to believe that the company would be removing a major feature that sets its phones apart from the competition.

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While the source has a fairly decent track record of Samsung leaks, we still advise you to be cautious with this information. After all, no one is perfect. Maybe the Korean firm will replace the 10x lens with something better. There also have been rumors of the Galaxy S24 Ua featuring variable zoom. In that case, a single telephoto lens would offer optical zoom at all magnification levels between 3x and 10x.

Speaking of a 3x optical zoom camera, rumors are that Samsung will upgrade this lens from 10MP to 50MP resolution on the Galaxy S24 Ua. The other two rear cameras may remain unchanged from the current model. The 2024 flagship will reportedly feature the same 200MP primary shooter, though with some optimizations. It will retain the 12MP uawide lens as well. Samsung is planning to unveil the Galaxy S24 lineup in January 2024.

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