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Simplehuman’s Black Friday Sale Includes Discounted Smart Soap Dispensers, Trash Cans & More

Simplehuman’s Black Friday sale has begun, and it has some discounts on a lot of its very popular products. Some of these products rarely get discounted, so definitely worth checking out.

One product that I’ve had my eye on from Simplehuman is that smart liquid soap dispenser, it is now down to $49. Normally this would cost you $70. This is a really great product to buy, especially in the COVID-19 era, where we are more conscious about washing our hands more often. And the fact that it is smart, and dispenses soap automatically, is definitely useful.

Of course, there are some other great products available from Simplehuman in this Black Friday sale. This includes the voice and motion rectangular sensor trash can, which is now $190 down from $225.

If you need a trash can but don’t quite want to spend $190, there is the 58L dual compartment rectangular step can for $15o, down from $200. Or the 55L rectangular step can for $135, down from $180.

That’s not all that is on sale though. There is a pet food can on sale for $85, down from $100. As well as the compost caddy which is down to $42 from $50. And the steel frame dishrack which is now $52, down from $70.

On top of this, you can unlock an additional 15% off on your first order. The pop up will appear when you go to Simplehuman’s website. You just need to give them your phone number and get texts from them. You can opt out after you place your order though.

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These are just some of the very many Simplehuman products that are on sale right now through it’s Black Friday sale. You can click here to see the full sale over at Simplehuman’s website. Some items are also on sale at Amazon – like the soap dispenser – but most are only on Simplehuman’s website.

Simplehuman Black Friday Sale

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