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SimpliSafe 7 piece camera security system is 40% off for Black Friday

If you’re looking to secure your front yard, or general area around your house, you may consider SimpliSafe. Now, the SimpliSafe 7-piece wireless camera security system is now discounted for Black Friday, by 40%.

This is actually quite a considerable discount. This set usually runs for $449.99, but it can now be yours for only $269.99. That is a 40% discount we’re looking at.

You’re getting everything you need here. This set can monitor your house surroundings 24/7 without a problem. It is also compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa, so it doesn’t matter which ecosystem you’re using.

Yes, it can monitor everything during both the day and night. There’s also no need to wire or drill anything. This set is wireless, and everything can be set up without drilling a single hole.

You’ll need to set aside 60 cents a day, though, in order to get proper monitoring. The SimpliSafe app is also at your disposal. It allows you to arm and disarm the system at any time, and also see what’s going on.

Two cameras are included in this pack, and these are 1080p cameras. They do have night vision, and also offer a 140-degree field-of-view. Another thing to note is that they can see at night, but also in color at the same time, not everything will be black and white.

Two-way audio communication is possible, so this system kind of doubles as an intercom of sorts. If you take a look at the featured image above, you’ll notice everything that comes in this package.

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This could be a great way for many of you to secure your home without buying a ton of different gadgets. SimpliSafe is trying to offer you everything in one pack, and that pack is now considerably more affordable than before. If you’re interested, click here, or tap the link/button below.

SimpliSafe camera home security system – Amazon

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