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Sonos Now Support Amazon Music’s Ua HD Audio & Dolby Atmos

Sonos announced today that it now supports Ua HD Audio and Dolby Atmos on Amazon Music. Giving Amazon Music users a better listening experience, and being able to fully immerse themselves in their music.

You’ll want to make sure that you update your Sonos speakers to the latest software, which you can do so by going into the Sonos App. And then tapping on Settings, System, System Updates and Check for Updates.

Sonos will also now show new badges on the Now Playing screen, so that users are able to indicate what kind of experience they are hearing on Amazon Music. Whether it is actually Ua HD or Dolby Atmos or not.

As expected, the Dolby Atmos portion only works on the Sonos Arc or Beam (Gen 2). As those are the only two Dolby Atmos speakers in Sonos’ lineup right now.

Amazon Music subscribers get Ua HD and Dolby Atmos quality for free

If you subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited already, you can get Ua HD and/or Dolby Atmos quality for free. Amazon used to have a separate tier for Ua HD music, but it recently moved that into the regular Amazon Music Unlimited tier. Which is now just $9.99. Leaving YouTube Music and Spotify in the dust, in terms of audio quality. As Apple Music also did something similar earlier this year.

Ua HD is basically a lossless 24-bit stereo stream. Whereas HD would be a lossless 16-bit stereo stream. Giving you a better audio experience. Dolby Atmos is a song that is mixed and available in Dolby Atmos. Not all of the songs on Amazon Music Unlimited are going to be Dolby Atmos songs. So do keep that in mind.

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This is a great update from Sonos, making your existing speakers even better. Particularly if you are an Amazon Music Unlimited user.

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