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Sony Is Getting Rid Of PlayStation Communities In Just A Few Weeks

If you used the PlayStation Communities feature on your PS4 at all, enjoy it while you can because Sony is axing the feature in the very near future.

Today Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Communities feature will be completely offline and unusable in just a few short weeks. While the company hasn’t given out an exact date just yet, it’s definitely next month.

Sony officially changed details on the support page for the Communities feature. Noting that the service would no longer be available on PS4 consoles beginning in April. Sony is also ending support for it. Which probably means that even if you had the feature on your console it wouldn’t work.

Then again none of that may matter. As Sony will probably push out an update that removes it from everyone’s consoles altogether.

PlayStation Communities isn’t on the PS5 either

Any people that own the PS5 are already aware of this, but for those that haven’t gotten a hold of one yet, you won’t find the communities making the jump from one generation console to the next.

Instead Sony is just retiring Communities. On PS5, communication has a whole new system. Which Sony talked about way back around the time that the PS5 launched when it discussed parts of the UI alongside some of the console’s features.

With Communities being left out of that, it was only a matter of time before Sony stopped supporting something on its older console. Sony does reassure users though that there are still ways to stay connected on PS4.

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You can still send messages back and forth between you and your friends list. And you can still interact with them and others through the PlayStation app on your Android or iOS device.

Winding down

Removal of big features like Communities, sort of signifies Sony’s plans to wind things down on the PS4. Even if bit by bit.

Although the PS4 still probably has a few more years of life left in it when it comes to support and new games, Sony is no doubt working to scale back the amount of work it does with the console.

The PS5 is here now and Sony will need to ramp up its development teams’ work with its next-gen hardware. Of course it will need to ramp up production of the actual console before that matters more. Because many people can’t enjoy the PS5 until Sony makes more of them available.

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