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Spotify’s New Personalized Mixes Will Keep Your Playlists Up To Date

Who doesn’t love a personalized experience? Well according to Engadget Spotify feels the same way. Spotify’s new personalized mixes will focus on artists, genres, and decades. Starting today whether you are a free or premium user you will have access to the new mixes.

The three new personalized mixes are inspired by Daily Mix. Now Spotify has been offering Daily Mixes by combining users’ favorite tracks with music the app thinks you’ll love. However, the new mix categories start with your music but will update them with songs chosen by the app’s algorithms.

The new mixes even come with some more descriptive titles. Tracks are grouped by artist, genre, or decade. So, if you are a lover of a specific genre of music Spotify will take care of you. For example, if you love the golden era of hip-hop which took place in the late 80s then Spotify will make you an 80s mix.

Do you love singing along to The Weekend to the point you know every lyric? Well, Spotify has your back there as well. As a result of your love for The Weekend, Spotify will create a mix comprising of songs by the Canadian crooning popstar. Maybe you want to spice up your listening habit. You will have your choice of genre mixes as well.

Spotify’s new personalized mixes will update your playlists to suit your taste

Spotify says the mixes will have new songs added to the mixes frequently. Even better users will just have to search in the “Made For You” hub to find them.

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Recently, creating Spotify playlists got easier. This is for the users who want to create their own playlist just in case you do not trust the algorithms. Or if you have to be in control. The desktop and web apps received updates that match the feel of the mobile app.

By adding new controls that allow users to use the integrated search bar, Spotify made it easier for users to search songs. Podcasts are easier to find as well. This is good because Spotify has a new focus on the Podcast market.

Users will even be able to add images and write descriptions for existing playlists using the desktop and web apps. Recently Spotify announced that in addition to Podcasts that it is bringing a live audio feature to the platform.

With offerings like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, users are clearly loving the new communication method. Spotify’s new live audio feature will even be able to be uploaded. As a result, it will potentially be easier to create podcast episodes. All in all, with this feature coming and new playlists being introduced, it looks like Spotify will keep its users entertained.

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