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Stay In Control Of Your Online Information In Exciting, Customizable Ways With Liquid Avatar

Keeping control of your online identity can sometimes feel like a pretty stuffy experience. Not so with Liquid Avatar. It offers you a customizable digital representation of yourself, while packing a super secure punch under the hood. This is identity protection for the modern age, and it’s pretty darn cool.

The main part of the app is your avatar. This is the cyberspace version of you, built from a biometric face scan and a number of different customization options from with the app. The face scan ensures that only you can get access to your information, and that there’s only one avatar like yours.

Once you’ve made your avatar you can create different layers within the app to safeguard your information. You get to choose who you share your social media info, phone number and more with. And it really couldn’t be simpler.

The first layer is your avatar, or the presentation layer. Then there’s the public layer, which is information you don’t mind sharing with your contacts. Deeper than that there’s the private layer, where you can store data you want to keep secure. And lastly there’s the security level, which is designed to protect your identity.

Liquid Avatar runs on some of the most cutting edge data security technology out there. As well as biometric scanning, it uses blockchain and SSI – Self Sovereign Identity – architecture, and Trust Over IP standards. It’s all designed to give you complete control over all of the data on your device.

“We want to make online identity authentication as simple and trustworthy as showing a passport or driver’s license,” said David Lucatch, CEO Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. “Liquid Avatar will provide users, vendors, governments, eCommerce programs, educators and others with the ability to easily and efficiently interact while preserving safety, security and data integrity.”

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Liquid Avatar looks set to be a revolutionary new way to protect all of your important information when you’re online. And you can start using it right now by downloading it for free. Click here to grab it from the App Store, or here to pick it up from the Google Play Store. Click here for even more information over on the Liquid Avatar website.

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