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Steam Deck revealed: Handheld gaming PC from Valve lets you game anywhere


  • Steam parent company Valve just announced the Steam Deck, a handheld gaming PC.
  • It has custom AMD hardware that Valve says can run even the latest AAA games.
  • The console will start at $399 and become available in December 2021.

In what could be the biggest surprise of 2021, Valve just announced a new handheld gaming console. The Steam Deck looks like a Nintendo Switch crossed with a Sega Game Gear.

The device will allow you to play your entire Steam library from anywhere. It is not a cloud-based system: the hardware inside runs the games on-device. This is possible through custom AMD hardware.

The Steam Deck will start at $399, which gets you the console with 64GB of storage and a carrying case. There are higher-tier options with more and faster storage, but all will display games at the same frame rates and graphics quality.

You can pre-order this starting tomorrow, but it won’t land until December of this year.

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