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Storage Service Provider Box Finally Adds Dark Theme To Its App

Storage service provider Box has released a new update for its mobile apps. The latest update doesn’t bring any new features but gives the app a much-needed makeover with a new dark theme. Yes, the Box app is finally getting a dark theme, something pretty much every other major mobile app got a couple of years back.

It’s shocking, to say the least, how long it took for Box developers to introduce a dark theme to their mobile apps. A dark mode was a trend a couple of years back. Everyone hurried to add this feature to their apps and web services. After all, many people preferred a dark mode as it reduced eye strain and enabled comfortable browsing at night.

Not just mobile apps, but even Google added a system-wide dark mode to Android OS starting with Android 10 in 2019. In fact, Samsung did it even before Google, adding this feature to its Android 9 Pie-based One UI in 2018. However, Box, which is one of the most popular storage service providers out there, never really gave this a serious thought.

A user suggested the company introduce a dark theme to its app and web version on its Pulse community forums about two years ago, in July 2019 (via). A moderator replied nearly a year later (in May 2020) saying that the feature is “not planned” for implementation yet.

Understandably, users weren’t very impressed and complaints continue to pile up. Now, almost halfway through 2021, Box is finally here with a dark theme for its mobile apps. The company had suggested that it’s working on this feature last month and it has now released the update.

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Box app finally gets a dark theme

The latest update for the Box app adds a dark theme that follows your system settings. This means you can’t set the app to have a dark mode while your phone is in light mode. That’s disappointing but still better than not having the support at all. Dark mode for the Box app is supported on devices running Android 10 and higher or iOS 13 and higher.

Box is a popular online syncing and storage tool that integrates with a wide range of apps and services. It offers a whopping 10GB of free storage, which is five times as much space as a free Dropbox account. It is very easy to use and now, with support for a dark theme, the app looks modern as well. You can download the latest version of the Box app from the Google Play Store.

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