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Store Your Drinks Like A True Gamer With The Xbox Mini Fridge

If you’re not storing your drinks in the Xbox Series X mini fridge are even a true gamer? Of course you are. But that shouldn’t stop you from owning one of those bad boys anyway. And you can actually get one for the low, low price of $99.

If that sounds like a good price to you, then you can actually purchase one pretty darn soon. Just this morning Microsoft announced the official release date of the Xbox Series X mini fridge. As well as when you can pre-order it. Turns out, the company is releasing the product this month.

Prior to this becoming a real thing you could buy, it was created as a life-size, 6-foot tall model. Though only a handful were made and they were sent out to content creators. The company later took a vote to gauge interest from fans on whether or not they’d want the opportunity to buy one themselves.

And the response was overwhelming. So, now we have the mini fridge version as a real product.

You can pre-order the Xbox Series X mini fridge for $99 next week

Open up your wallets, because starting Tuesday, October 19, you can pre-order the mini fridge for your own game room. For the US and Canada, it will initially be available at Target stores and at Target’s website only.

But it will eventually go on sale at multiple retailers globally in December of this year. Microsoft will also be partnering with GAME for UK consumers, and in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland, the mini fridge will be available through GameStop EU, Micromania, and Toynk via Amazon.

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Worth noting is that this will just be the first wave of production. Microsoft plans to expand the availability of the fridge in subsequent waves and to more regions in 2022. So if you aren’t able to secure one right away, you should be able to without issue if you’re patient enough.

Assuming these aren’t as hard to get as the actual console itself. The fridge comes equipped with a series of green LEDs that illuminate the inside and the top. it also comes with a USB port on the front to charge devices, and it can keep up to 12 drinks nice and cold for a refreshing mid-match break.

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