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Strava will add high-res 3D maps for outdoor activities


Strava acquired mapping platform Fatmap to power the feature, continuing its strategy of acquiring smaller fitness startups to add extra value to its platform.

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Strava routes are about to get three-dimensional. The popular fitness social network announced today that it’s acquired Fatmap, a mobile app known for its 3D maps for outdoor sports like hiking, trail running, skiing, and mountain biking.

“Fatmap tech will power Strava maps for both free members and subscribers,” Strava spokesperson Brian Bell told The Verge, noting that subscribers will get more maps, discovery, and route planning features. It’s likely that’s to provide extra value to premium membership, especially since several Strava users were put off by a recent price hike. As for when the Fatmap integration will go live, Bell says that the company is aiming for the middle of the year.

Strava didn’t disclose the terms of the deal, but according to TechCrunch, Fatmap has roughly 1.6 million registered users and has raised about $30 million in funding. Once the integration is finished, Strava users will be able to see Fatmap’s high-resolution 3D maps without leaving the Strava app. TechCrunch also reports that Strava is working on a single sign-on integration so that subscribers can access all of Fatmap’s features using their Strava logins. For now, users can connect their Strava and Fatmap accounts to automatically sync activities — which is typically how Strava’s third-party integrations work.

This isn’t the first time Strava’s done this, either. Last year, it acquired Recover Athletics, an app that focuses on prehab and injury prevention. Strava users can view Recover Athletics stretches within the app, or alternatively, they can use their Strava credentials to log into the Recover Athletics app.

While Strava is most popular among cyclists and runners, the app has recently taken pains to expand its reach by including new activity types like racquet sports, pilates, and HIIT. The Fatmap acquisition can also be seen as a bid to expand Strava’s reach to skiers, hikers, and other types of outdoor adventurers.

Update, Jan 24, 2023, 12:35 PM: Updated to reflect new Strava spokesperson attribution


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