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Stylish Audio-Focused Bose Smart Glasses Are On Sale For Black Friday

Smart audio gadget lovers will be happy to hear that Bose has no fewer than two of its audio-focused glasses on sale as part of Amazon’s early Black Friday event. Put more precisely, both Bose Frames Alto — in both sizes — and Bose Frames Tempo are available at up to 28-percent off.

That may not seem like a steep discount for Black Friday on these Bose smart glasses. But the difference in price is more than reasonable. With Bose Frames Alto S/M dropping from $199 to $149.07. Meanwhile, Bose Frames Alto M/L — the company’s medium to larger-sized smart glasses — only cost $143.07 for Black Friday. Conversely, Bose Frames Tempo typically starts out at $249, with the price cut taking the price to $219.

What do these Bose smart glasses bring to the table for Black Friday?

Of course, these two offerings are also two separate generations of the same product. With Bose Frames Alto arriving on the scene first. So the difference in price drops makes quite a bit of sense. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing else that’s different about these gadgets.

Both Bose Frames Alto and Bose Frames Tempo are open-ear audio gadgets that take the form of sunglasses. And each ship with a carry case, a cleaning cloth, and a charging cable. In the case of the carrying hardware, that’s ballistic-nylon for the more expensive, newer pair. Similarly, Frames Tempo ships with a USB-C charging cable and three nose pad options to swap out.

Now, both gadgets support Bluetooth audio playback and sync up via the Bose Connect app. Complete with touch-based controls. And each supports a plethora of other apps too. Including everything from Spotify to Google Maps and source-device AI assistants. Making these as useful as they are stylish.

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But stepping right past differences in size, shape, and audio improvements made between generations, these two products couldn’t really be more different. Bose Frames Alto, for instance, has a battery life of up to 3.5 hours and takes up to 2 hours to charge. Frames Tempo, conversely, takes up to an hour to charge and lasts up to 8 hours.

While both are prescription lens-ready, Bose Frames Tempo is a sportier design as well. And the deals on Frames Tempo also come with polarized lenses. Frames Alto does not. But is claimed to block out most harmful UV rays.

Bose Frames Alto Black Friday Deals

Bose Frames Tempo Black Friday Deals

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