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T-Mobile Flexes Its Mid-Range 5G To Over 3Gbps In Aggregation Test

T-Mobile has announced a new level of speed for its 5G network via carrier aggregation resulting in data rates of over 3Gbps. The test, taking place over T-Mobile’s standalone mid-range 5G network, utilized real-world equipment too. Namely, it was tested using a Samsung Galaxy S22 with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and associated X65 Modem-RF System. More importantly, the test was performed over a live production network as opposed to in lab conditions.

How did T-Mobile reach 3Gbps in its 5G aggregation test?

Now, the aggregation test from T-Mobile is intended to showcase the kinds of speed users can expect with improvements to its 5G network. So, as noted above, this utilized the 5G Carrier Aggregation (NR CA) that T-Mobile has already started rolling out in several regions. Namely, combining two 2.5GHz 5G channels and a third 1900MHz 5G channel in tandem.

By spreading the data out across those mid-range spectrum channels, the company effectively creates a 210MHz channel. And that, in turn, allows over 3Gbps of speed on the network.

Additionally, the aggregation test performed by T-Mobile took place solely on standalone 5G architecture. Without the need for a 4G LTE or 4G core network. That’s following the start of the company’s rollout of its Voice over 5G services earlier this month. Meaning that there’s more bandwidth there for speed, responsiveness, and connectivity. As compared to a network built atop the previous generation of hardware.

When can you get these kinds of speeds from T-Mobile?

Now, the NR CA network in question may be rolling out now but that doesn’t mean it will be available everywhere. Or for everybody. At the very least, not at first. For now, the carrier says that NR CA will be widely available first for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. And that’s slated to arrive later this year with plans to rapidly expand across the entire “Un-carrier” network in the near future. More devices will be added in terms of support around that same timeframe.

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