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Teardown: Memory expansion of the Playstation 5 “very easily accessible”

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Now iFixit has also taken apart the Playstation 5. There is criticism, but also praise for future memory expansions.

Components of the Playstation 5
(Picture: Ifixit/CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

It is rare that iFixit’s professional tinkerers are not the first to take new hardware apart. With the Playstation 5 Sony beat them to it: An engineer of the company had disassembled the console into its individual parts in a video before the sales launch.

that still revealed iFixit at the now completed teardown new information. Especially important for tinkerers might be that the connection for the extension of the mass storage is, according to the experts, “very well accessible”.

Laut iFixit only requires loosening a Phillips screw and removing a small metal cover to access the slot.

This is important because the PS5 is currently only available with an 825 GByte mass memory. It should be possible to expand the memory later by adding another SSD (M.2 NVMe-SSD on PCI Express 4.0). Sony announced that there will be officially certified SSDs. Details are not yet known.

In addition, an update of the firmware is necessary. So far, Sony has not given any indication as to when this might happen. Until then there is no possibility to use more than the mentioned space for PS5 games.

All in all, the Playstation 5 from iFixit gets seven out of a maximum of ten points for reparability – the Xbox Series X scored with the same rating

With the PS5, experts praise the fact that the outer plates can be removed without tools and that many components are easily accessible and easy to remove.

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A criticism is, among other things, that the optical drive is integrated into the system with a software lock and therefore cannot be easily replaced. Also, the use of liquid metal instead of classic heat-conducting paste makes repairs more difficult.

What bothers the experts is that the Playstation 5 also uses security screws, despite many easily accessible places, which makes opening the hardware unnecessarily complicated.

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