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Telegram Preps Group Read Receipts, But With A Catch

Telegram is finally preparing to add support for group read receipts. The latest Telegram beta brings this feature, Reddit user RationalityOn has spotted (Via Android Police). And it works as you’d expect: lets you see who has read your message in a group. However, there’s a catch. Comments on the Reddit thread suggest this feature works only in groups with 50 or lesser members. So you will still not be able to see read receipts on Telegram groups with more than 50 members.

But in smaller groups, you can see exactly who has viewed a specific message by long-pressing on it. This brings a pop-up menu with a widget that shows how many people have seen the message. Tapping this widget will let you see the usernames of all those members. If you’re using Telegram on desktop, right-clicking on a message brings up the same menu.

Note that you can only see read receipts for messages that you have sent. You can’t see who has viewed messages sent by other group members. Likewise, only the sender of a particular message will know if you have viewed it.

Telegram is finally adding support for group read receipts

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps out there, alongside WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others. And like every other app, it has its own pros and cons. Most notably, it has been missing group read receipts all this while, something most of its rivals offer since long ago. The company is now finally preparing the feature.

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But not everyone seems to like it. While some feel it could be useful to know who has seen their messages, others say users should be able to check messages in groups without anyone knowing they have. Perhaps Telegram could do with making this feature optional so those who want it can enable it. The current iteration apparently doesn’t feature such a setting. But it’s still in beta, so things can change a lot before the stable version is here.

It’s unclear when Telegram will roll out group read receipts in the stable channel. The company might want to listen to the user feedback before making the feature public. We will let you know as soon as we have more information or the feature rolls out publicly. Meanwhile, you can try out the feature yourself by installing the latest Telegram beta for your Android smartphone from the Microsoft App Center here.

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