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Tesla, Kioxia, Wikimedia: Anything else?

Last updated on March 9, 2021

What else happened on October 29, 2020 in addition to the big news, in a nutshell.

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Fab growth for 3D flash memory: Kioxia, formerly Toshiba Memory, will build Fab 7 at Yokkaichi in the Japanese Mie prefecture. Construction of the plant is scheduled to begin in spring 2021, with the first phase of construction being completed a year later. Kioxia wants to manufacture 3D flash memory such as the BiCS5 there .

Acquisition of 10 billion US dollars: Marvell for 10 billion US dollars Inphi bought . With the takeover, the company wants to strengthen its own 5G and cloud segment. Among other things, Inphi develops transimpedance amplifiers and optical physics for PAM4, as used in the network area for 200/400 GBit Ethernet chips.

Expensive radio: Since the beginning of the year, Tesla has been offering an upgrade for the infotainment system in older Model S and Model X electric cars for US $ 2,500. It brings new functions such as video streaming or the so-called sentry mode to cars. However, the improved system no longer contains conventional radio, only Internet radio. Now Tesla has released an upgrade with AM, FM and Sirius XM satellite radio. It costs $ 500 excluding taxes. So if you want to upgrade your Tesla’s infotainment system and don’t want to do without radio, you have to pay $ 3,000. The radio function is not part of the upgrade because not everyone needs a radio in their electric car, explains Tesla.

Wikimedia code at Gitlab : The operator of Wikipedia and its sister projects , Wikimedia, will no longer host their code with Gerrit, but on their own instance of the free Gitlab Community Edition . Above all, the new solution should better meet the needs of development teams than the previous solution.

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Roccat brings new keyboards with optical switch: As announced at the presentation of the Titan Switch Optical , Roccat is launching its new keyboards Vulcan Pro for 200 euros and Vulcan TKL Pro for 160 euros. Both keyboards use Roccat’s new optical switch.

Security flaws in Qnap: With two security flaws (CVE-2020-2490, CVE-2020-2492) in the Qnap operating system QTS, it should be possible to execute commands remotely, warns the NAS manufacturer in an advisory . The security holes have been fixed with QTS version build 20200907.

M-net with over 500,000 customer contracts: Shortly before its 25th company anniversary in the coming year, the network operator M-net exceeded the limit of half a million customer contracts. In Munich around 580,000 households are connected to the M-net FTTB network, but not all of them are marketed. Construction work for further expansion is currently underway in five urban areas: in the Alte Heide, Thalkirchen, Pasing, Moosach and Nymphenburg.