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The Android 12 App Switcher Now Matches Your Theme Colors

The App Switcher got an update in the Android 12 Beta 2. Instead of keeping the transparent background, so you could see your wallpaper, it is now opaque. And it actually matches the accents in your theme. Which in-turn matches your wallpaper.

Some may thing that this is boring, but it does provide some unity, and it is somewhat customizable, since it is tied to your wallpaper. So that’s pretty cool.

There are a couple of other minor changes to the app switcher in Android 12, besides the background. For one, the rounded corners on apps are gone. However, we have seen that it is not the case for everyone. For instance, on our Pixel 5, they are still rounded. But other publications show that they are not rounded anymore.

Additionally, the screenshot and select options are now in black. Since the background is now brighter, that makes sense. And makes them easier to read.

This change isn’t a big deal

Some are making a big stink about this change, saying that the opaque background is boring, but it’s not a big deal. How much time do you really spend in the app switcher, and looking at the background? It’s likely just a few seconds to switch apps and you’re on your way.

In fact, I didn’t even notice the change, even after using the Pixel 5 on Android 12 Beta 2 for over 12 hours. And there’s a good chance that you wouldn’t either. Especially since it now matches the notification shade on Android 12. But to each their own.

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This is likely one of those Android 12 features that is going to stick around. Since it is tied to the new Material You design that Google has been talking up, for Android 12. So it’s unlikely that we will see Google revert this back to the way it used to be, but if they get enough feedback about it, that could happen.

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