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The Best OLED TV Deals

OLED is still heralded as the very best technology for TVs right now, and that’s because the black levels are so good. While also outputting some really rich colors. This is because OLED panels light up each individual pixel, instead of using a backlight. So the blacks actually look black, instead of gray, like some LCD TVs.

Because OLED is so good, they are generally more expensive than regular LCD or LED TVs, unfortunately. However, in recent years, we have seen them come down in price. Part of that is because the market is starting to mature, and it’s becoming a bit cheaper to actually make these OLED TVs.

There’s really only two TV makers using OLED for their TVs, and that’s LG and Sony. LG makes the panels, so it makes sense that they make and sell so many different OLED TVs. And Sony of course buys their panels. VIZIO also uses OLED for their TVs, but they really only have one or two models, instead of an entire lineup. So there’s not many VIZIO OLED TVs on sale. But they would be cheaper than Sony and LG.

The Best OLED TV Deals

If you’re looking for a good 4K TV, then you’re going to want to check out this post here, where you can find some deals as low as $300. However, OLED TVs are mostly over $1,000.

The LG TVs listed in this post will use webOS  as their software. It has a number of great apps available, but not quite everything is there. Meanwhile, Sony uses Android TV for all of its TVs, and Google TV is on its 2021 models. It is expected to bring Google TV to its older models at some point too. Which is a great option for those Android fans out there, and that’s likely why you’re reading this post.

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