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The best Samsung storage devices are on offer for Black Friday

There’s no point in having a phone with a 48MP camera if you’re not going to be able to store all of those stunning renders. It’s not the most exciting purchase, but digital memory storage is increasingly important as you upgrade your tech. Samsung is obviously one of the premium retailers of this hardware, and some of its best devices are on sale until Black Friday.

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The selection is wide, with microSD cards to slot into your tech and portable solid-state drives to take with you as backup on the go. You have various memory options for each product and even different colorways on the sleek SSDs.  We’ve summarized the best deals on Samsung storage devices below.

Samsung Pro Plus 512GB MicroSD

World’s best flash memory brand

One of the fastest flash memory cards on the market. Perfect for storing 4K videos and gaming.

Samsung storage device deals

MicroSD cards

Solid-state drives

As many deals as there are above, they don’t even cover the whole gamut of Samsung storage devices on offer for Black Friday. You can check out the entire selection via the button below.


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