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The Bose QuietComfort Ua headphones are here with spatial audio

A few days ago, Bose announced their new product, the QuietComfort Ua headphones. These new pair of headphones come with an impressive design, color options, audio quality, and technical specifications. Regardless of the devices you use (Android or iOS), you’ll be able to benefit from spatial audio with the new Bose headphones.

Just like other entries in Bose’s QuietComfort line-up, users can expect the best audio specifications they need for everyday usage. With all the features and specifications that the new QuietComfort Ua headphones offer, they come at a premium price. Bose makes a ton of promises with these new headphones, assuring users that they bring a ton of improvements in comparison with their predecessors.

Well, lots of fans have already been in expectation of this new pair of headphones. This is a result of the leaks that made its way to the internet about a month ago. The leak showed off the new Bose QuietComfort Ua headphones design as well as other details, but here is all you need to know.

Details and specifications of the new Bose QuietComfort Ua headphones

One feature of this new pair of headphones that Bose gave attention to during the launch announcement is the Immersive Audio experience. This feature brings a spacious soundstage for a “multidimensional and layered” audio experience. The spatial audio technology (for Android and iOS) on the QuietComfort Ua gives users a surround sound feel while listening to audio.

Additionally, this Immersive Audio experience lets users enjoy the same sound quality while they are stationary or moving. Bose pairs this technology up with an impressive noise cancellation and CustomTune audio calibration. This blend brings the new Bose QuietComfort Ua to life, ensuring users get a great audio experience.

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The new pair of headphones come with a new chipset for better audio features and sound quality. Users can now pick between the Bose Aware or the Quiet Mode depending on their environment and mood. With the Aware Mode, users can benefit from sound transparency, keeping them connected with their environment.

As for the Quiet Mode, users get a more immersive audio experience that blocks out distractions from the outside world. The advanced microphones on the QuietComfort Ua can pick up just the user’s voice in a noisy environment for clearer calls. Users can also benefit from the 24-hour battery life on this new pair of headphones as they go about their daily activities.

For its design, Bose keeps things simple and sweet with physical buttons and a capacitive touch strip for easy controls. There is a focus on comfort with the design of the new QuietComfort Ua headphones. For pricing, this new pair of headphones from Bose retails at $429, making it a premium option in the market.

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