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The Callisto Protocol: Dead Space Maker works on new horror

Last updated on March 9, 2021

On behalf of Pubg Corporation, Glen Schofield is working on a plot-based horror game. The first teaser reminds of Dead Space.

Scene from the teaser video of The Callisto Protocol
(Image: Striking Distance Games)

Industry veteran Glen Schofield has presented his next project. It’s called The Callisto Protocol and will be a horror game, apparently set in the depths of space somewhere in the distant future. It’s no coincidence that it’s reminiscent of the mini-series Dead Space – for which Schofield was responsible as lead developer at Visceral Games, a development studio belonging to Electronic Arts.

Very much is not yet known about The Callisto Protocol. According to the developers it will be a single player game with a strong focus on story. Schofield himself is considered a fan of action-driven titles, and he frequently speaks about stories in games at industry conventions, for example. He describes the new work as “survival horror” and wants to make it “one of the most terrifying games ever”.

The teaser video, which has now been released as part of an award ceremony, shows actors and a few rendered animations. Both probably have little to nothing to do with the finished game.

Nevertheless, the sequences should give an impression of the scenario. More information will be available in 2021, the release is planned for 2022 – for which platforms is also not known yet.

The game is created at a studio called Striking Distance, financed by the South Korean company Pubg Corporation and directed by Glen Schofield in Northern California. Previous press releases have said that the team’s first game will be played in the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds universe, but that’s no longer the case. Lastly Schofield built and managed the developer studio Sledgehammer Games on behalf of Activision. Several series parts of Call of Duty were created there. So Schofield should know very well how the production of a complex computer game has to be organized.

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