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The Facebook Smartwatch Could Have Some Never Before Seen Features

If you had no idea Meta was planning to make a Facebook smartwatch with some interesting display tech, or that it had plans to make a smartwatch period, you’re probably not alone.

While there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of information about the device yet, thanks to a new report from LetsGoDigital there’s some interesting details being revealed. Based on these details, the Facebook smartwatch seems to have some tech that we’ve never seen in a smartwatch before. Or really any watch for that matter.

And just like this mashup video of Mark Zuckerberg talking about how much he loves Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, it seems a little strange. But we digress. New tech features like this always seem a little strange at first, but then sometimes have a tendency to take off.

The Facebook smartwatch could have a removable display

According to recent images shared in the report, Meta is designing the watch to have a display that you can detach completely from the watch case housing. The display is secured through four sets of magnetic 6-pin connectors. Why would you want a smartwatch with a detachable display?

Well, you probably wouldn’t. But Meta thinks you might. And its reasoning ties into the incorporation of other never before seen features. Cameras. The Facebook smartwatch was rumored to have a camera back in October of last year. But the new documentation suggests that the watch actually has multiple camera lenses embedded into the display.

The watch is also said to come with a second display that has different types of camera lenses. So the idea is that users can detach the display and rotate it to make use of those different lenses. Or swap out the display entirely and use a completely different set of cameras that provide altogether different effects.

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Some possible examples include a Prime Telephoto Lens, a Wide-Angle Lens, and an Optical Zoom Lens or a Fisheye Lens.  The details of this device come from newly published documentation at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The documentation also mentions that Meta may have plans to use these cameras for AR and VR purposes. Which may be the main purpose for implementing them in the first place.

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