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The Galaxy Z Flip 4 Goes Through A Teardown

We’ve all been waiting on the official teardown video for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 by Zach Nelson, and it’s finally landed. After putting the phone through his durability test, he took the phone apart to see how it handles being opened up, and the results are surprising.

This video will be interesting if you saw the initial durability test he performed. During the bend test, there was a mysterious pop under the display. The phone itself didn’t break, but it wouldn’t remain closed. During the teardown, this is one thing that Zach strove to find out.

The teardown was a surprising one

So, the teardown went as usual- Zach started by taking off the display, and that’s where the surprise came in. All other foldable phones wound up with a broken screen after the teardown. However, the Galaxy Flip 4’s screen remained in one piece.

That seems to be because of a metal plate under the display itself. The blade was able to glide under the display smoothly without any cracks.

The rest of the video went on without any other surprises. The phone has a thermal plate to keep it cool and certain components like the speaker, motherboard, button, and others could be popped out without any issues. He just avoided taking out the batteries.

He was able to get to the hinge and see that Samsung did change up the design. However, he was not able to see what caused the pop during the durability test.

In the end, Zach was able to put the phone back together and power it on without any issue. That’s a first for foldable phones. Even Samsung’s own Galaxy Z Fold 4 didn’t survive the test. Ostensibly, if this phone can survive the test this time around, next year’s model should be able to pass as well.

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This is another bar that Samsung set in the foldable phone market that other companies need to clear if they want to compete.

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