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The Nest Doorbell has new winter-themed ringtones

In case you haven’t realized, it’s the holiday season. We’re all getting ready for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and so on. As such, companies are getting in on the fun. Google just announced some new winter ringtones for the Nest Doorbell. These are guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit.

Google wants to make things fun with its Nest Doorbell. When people ring the doorbell, there’s an option to have festive and unique ringtones play. During October, the company had spooky Halloween ringtones and Oktoberfest ringtones. There was also a Thanksgiving turkey gobble ringtone. It’s something to look forward to every season

Google is bringing Winter ringtones to the Nest Doorbell

The company just unveiled five new winter themes for the Nest Doorbell. Each of them has a set of ringtones that it will cycle through. These themes are Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, and winter.

Each theme has three separate ringtones. Some of the ringtones include popular Hanukkah melodies, Kwanzaa-themed tones, a champagne bottle popping with people cheering, Auld Lang Syne, Deck the Halls, and Jingle Bells.

What’s neat is that these are all accessible. The first-generation Nest Doorbell, the second-generation wired Nest Doorbell, and the battery-powered Nest Doorbell can use these ringtones. Also, if you want to use these winter Nest Doorbell ringtones, you don’t need a Nest Aware subscription.

Also, as an added bonus, you can use these ringtones on your Nest speaker and Nest smart displays if you have visitor announcements enabled. This means that you can use these fun and colorful ringtones across your nest ecosystem.

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In other Google News: Google has a new mobile game out called Shopper Hopper

Google released a simple infinite runner game to the Google store. No, not the Google Play Store, the Google store. It’s called Shopper Hopper, and it has the same graphical style as Crossy Road.

In the game, your character is walking down a crowded sidewalk, and it’s your job to have her hop over all the obstacles in her way. The longer your run, the more points rack up. It’s a fun and simple game, and you can access it by following the link below.

Try Shopper Hopper

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