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The Nest Hub 2nd Gen Is Half Off For Black Friday!

Walmart has lots of good stuff on sale for Black Friday, like this deal on the 2nd Gen Nest Hub which is currently half off its normal price. While not terribly expensive at $99.99, you can pick it up from Walmart for just $49.99. And any savings during the holiday shopping season is a good thing. As it means more money for more gifts.

The Nest Hub 2nd Gen is a lot like the first model, at least in terms of design, but it also adds in some nifty improvements feature-wise. The most notable feature addition is the sleep tracking and control of certain functions using the Motion Sense. Thanks to the inclusion of Google’s Soli Radar chip. This lets you wave your hand in front of the Nest Hub 2nd Gen. Which in turn disables alarms or pauses music.

And the Motion Sense is also what tracks your sleep. If you’re using the Nest Hub 2nd Gen as an alarm, then make sure to utilize its awesome sunrise alarm feature. Which not only has the alarm tone get louder as it leads up to your chosen alarm time, but the screen gets brighter with a mixed yellow and orange hue. Designed to mimic the look of sunlight peeking in through the window as it comes up in the morning.

The Nest Hub 2nd Gen is also a great tool to have in the kitchen. You can set it up on the counter when you cook and easily use it to find and display recipes. Or if you’re more of a visual hands-on learner, you can ask Google to bring up cooking videos. Then have them play while you follow along at each step.

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Walmart’s deal has all four colors of the Nest Hub 2nd Gen in stock for the lower price. So pick the one that fits your style best.

Nest Hub 2nd Gen – Walmart

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