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The Nest Hub Max will become less useful soon

One of the best features of the Google Nest Hub Max is the ability to participate in video chats. It’s a great device to do so with especially if you don’t like to bother with a complicated setup. Well, unfortunately, the Nest Hub Max will be losing support for video call platforms Google Meet and Zoom, according to Phone Arena.

The need for video chats increased over the pandemic. This most likely contributed to the sales of the Nest Hub Max and other smart displays. So, it’s weird that the company decided to pull the plug on these services.

People who use Google Meet on their Nest Hub Max are pretty surprised by this news, but Zoom users knew about this for some time. The company announced this back in July, so this must have been in the pipeline for a while.

Those who still want to use these video call services on the Hub Max have until September 30th. That’s less than two weeks away, and it’s unfortunate for people who need to find an alternative.

At this point, we don’t know why Google is discontinuing support. We haven’t gotten an official statement from Google about this. Hopefully, it gives us some sort of explanation as to why.

The Nest Hub Max won’t be able to use Google Meet or Zoom, and people are upset

As you can imagine, the people who use this device are not taking this news gracefully. In fact, many people who use this device are understandably mad at Google. The company took away a very useful feature for seemingly no reason.

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Several people have said that they’re not going to buy any more Google products because of this. There are also people who want a refund for the device. The ability to make video calls is a big reason for some people to pay $230 for the device.

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