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The “Oh So Orange” Pixel Buds Have Been Discontinued

Google had joined the truly wireless earbuds game with its Pixel Buds a while back. Lovers of the brand will be disappointed that the Oh So Orange color has been phased out. With the orange pixel buds canceled, folks believe that Google’s launching the Pixel buds A.

The Oh So Orange Color is no longer available anywhere

According to 9to5Google, the orange variant of the Pixel Buds is gone in many retailers. Retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and B&H Photo have the Oh So Orange Pixel Buds marked as either out of stock or discontinued. Even Google’s own store has these buds marked as out of stock. It’s easy to guess that these Pixel Buds are discontinued without Google officially stating so.

With the orange Pixel Buds gone, the colors that are left are Quite Mint, Almost Black, and Clearly White. There’s no word on whether any of the remaining colors will be axed as well.

The Pixel Buds A are on the way

The news that the Oh So Orange Pixel Buds are gone comes at a pretty convenient time, as the expected Pixel Buds A are approaching. The Pixel Buds A, just like the “A” version of the Pixel Phones, will be a more affordable option. There’s no telling what cut-backs Google will make to bring the cost down. There may be a decrease in the audio quality. Battery life might be affected along with volume and comfort.

The color of the Pixel Buds A in the image that Google erroneously shared is slightly darker than that of the Quite Mint. This may very well hint at one of the colors of the rumored Pixel 5A. Hopefully, there will be more colors to launch for the Pixel Buds A.

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When they launched, the price of the Pixel Buds was $179, which is definitely up there in price. There’s no word on how much the Pixel Buds A will cost.

The rest of Google’s releases are unclear

The Pixel Buds A are still in the rumors stage, so it’s hard to tell if they will actually launch. Many believe that their launch will coincide with the launch of the rumored Pixel 5a– but the thing is, the Pixel 5a itself is shrouded in mystery. Users are in the dark about the fate of that phone. Now, with the orange Pixel Buds canceled, everyone hopes that Google is making room for a new set of devices. Only time will tell.

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