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The Samsung 980 Pro SSD W/ Heatsink Is Perfect For PS5 & On Sale

Black Friday is a great time to score an awesome deal on gaming stuff, like this Samsung 980 Pro SSD that comes with a heatsink. This is a perfect SSD for the PS5 now that it supports expandable storage. And right now Amazon currently has it on sale for $199 instead of $249. Saving you $50.

This deal is for the 1TB model of the Samsung 980 Pro SSD. Amazon still also has stock of the 2TB model with a heatsink, but it doesn’t appear to be on sale. You can also get the 980 Pro without a heatsink if you want to use it with PC, or you can get your own heatsink to apply if you still plan to use it with PS5. The non-heatsink model is currently on sale for $169.99 in the 1TB model. Or $319.99 in the 2TB model. This is the SSD that I personally use in my own PS5 and it’s been great.

Additionally, there’s a sale on the 1TB and 2TB models of the 970 Evo Plus SSD too. With the 1TB dropping down to just $119.99 and the 2TB dropping to $199.99. Normal prices on these are $229.99 and $449.99 respectively. So you get some big savings on the 2TB model.

As a side note, if you’re wanting an SSD for PS5, it has to be PCIe Gen4. So you would need the 980 Pro model. But either model works for PC. SSDs have been a little hard to come by these past few months since Sony officially rolled out expandable storage to the console. Having said that, you may want to snag one while you can and save some money while you’re at it.

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Plus, there should be plenty of other deals on SSDs and other PC gear for Black Friday. Keep in mind that things like SSDs, RAM, CPUs, and GPUs don’t stay in stock for long.

Samsung 980 Pro SSD – Amazon

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