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The Samsung Galaxy S23 series doesn’t support Seamless Updates

Ryan Haines / Android Authority


  • The Samsung Galaxy S23 series reportedly lacks support for Seamless Updates.
  • This is a more convenient method for installing system updates compared to the conventional process.

Samsung is one of several smartphone brands that haven’t implemented Seamless Updates (also known as A/B updates) on their phones. Unfortunately, it looks like those hoping for the feature on the Galaxy S23 series might be disappointed.

Computer Base journalist Nicolas La Rocco has confirmed on Twitter that the Galaxy S23 Ultra in particular doesn’t support Seamless Updates. Check out the tweet below.

Seamless Updates were introduced back in 2016, offering a more convenient way to install system updates. The conventional method of installing a system update (and the one followed by Samsung) means users have to reboot their phone when an update is downloaded and then watch a lengthy “installing update” screen.

Meanwhile, Seamless Updates see the update downloaded and installed in the background on an inactive partition, while an active partition is still running so people can keep using their phone. Users then need to reboot their phone, with the device seamlessly booting into the new update by switching to the previously inactive partition. This update method requires more storage space than the conventional update process though, owing to the use of two partitions instead of one.

Do you prefer conventional updates or Seamless Updates?

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There was hope that Samsung would adopt this more modern update process due to Google apparently mandating a feature that’s key to Seamless Updates. But it looks like you’ll need to wait a little longer for the company to support it.

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