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The Synology app makes it to Android TV

If you use an Android device, then you’re most likely familiar with Google Photos. This is an all-in-one photo gallery app with a built-in editor. However, the Synology photo app is a great alternative to Google Photos, and it’s now available for Android TV.

Synology is a company best known for its hardware solutions. It is popular for selling its network-attached storage (NAS) devices. These are perfect for people who need storage for a massive amount of data. Also, these devices are great for people who want to share their files with a team.

Those who use these devices have the option to access their files via the Synology photos app. As stated before, this is a great alternative to Google photos. It has some of the features that you get with Google Photos, and it does a great job at organizing them.

The Synology app is on Android TV

If you like to relive your photo collections stored on your Synology device, then you most likely use the photo app. If you want to view these photos on the big screen, then you should be happy to know that the Synology Photos app is available for Android TV, according to Android Police.

The app is well formatted for Android TV with an intuitive UI. You’ll see all of your photos organized just how they are in the mobile app. It’s a great tool to have if you want to show off photos from the family beach party or pictures of your son’s first birthday to everyone in the room.

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The app has rolled out already, but there’s a chance that you might not have it just yet. If you don’t see it for your TV yet, then you may just want to wait a couple of days.

If you’re curious about what Synology is and what types of products it sells, you can click on the link below. The company specializes in massive storage devices that are connected to the web.

This makes it easy to share storage across multiple devices. If you’re a business owner, and you feel like you would need this type of service, then you should definitely check out Synology.

Check out Synology

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