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The Touch Bezel On Your Galaxy Watch 4 Should Work Better Now

The Galaxy Watch 4 is starting to get an update that brings a very particular improvement – a fix for the touch bezel issues. Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 4 earlier this Summer, launching in two different models. The Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. While the Classic variant has the rotating bezel from past devices, Samsung instead opts for the touch bezel on the Galaxy Watch 4.

This is the same touch bezel that was available on the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Providing a similar experience to the rotating bezel but without the actual moving parts. Rather, it uses touch sensors within the display to initiate the same actions. The only problem is that for some users it didn’t seem to work as well on the Galaxy Watch 4.

The Galaxy Watch 4 touch bezel gets a fix for the sensitivity

The main issue that seems to have popped up for some users is that the touch bezel sensitivity was a little off. But the recent update to the watch is focused on addressing that problem to increase the sensitivity a little bit. Not a whole lot, but likely just enough to make the performance better than it was before.

In addition to the touch bezel feature getting a fix, Samsung’s new update also “improves system stability and reliability.” So it sounds like it’s overall a very minor update to improve the experience of the watch. No new features or anything like that. So don’t expect to see Google Pay or Google Assistant available yet. As those don’t appear to be present features. Google Pay can actually be installed on the Galaxy Watch 4 at this point, but it doesn’t function.

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Obviously the touch bezel fix won’t be available for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. But it should still be getting the update that brings in the improved system stability and reliability. According to 9To5Google the update doesn’t seem to be rolling out to that model of the watch just yet though.

The last update that came out for our model (the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic) was on August 31. So a new update akin to this one for the Galaxy Watch 4 should pop up anytime now.

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