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This Anker charger can charge your laptop and it’s 43% off

Amazon has a great deal on the Anker 736 charger right now that nearly cuts the price in half. Instead of paying the regular price of $74.99, you can now pay a much more affordable price of $42.99. And who wouldn’t want to pay that much smaller price for an admittedly awesome charger?

The Anker 736 charger is such a great deal at this price because it’s a compact wall charger that can power up your laptops. With a maximum output of 100W, this little charger that fits in the palm of your hand can charge up your MacBook or other laptops with USB-C power delivery. This includes the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, as well as Google’s Pixelbook, Dell’s XPS laptops and more. Of course you can use the charger for other device types too. It’s perfect for charging up your iPad or iPhone. Additionally it’ll support all your Android phones and tablets too.

A neat detail is that Anker has the ports labeled with little icons so you know which one is for laptops and which one is for phones and tablets. Not absolutely necessary but a nice touch. Aside from the versatility in device support, the Anker 736 charger is also very compact. And thanks to the folding plug this is excellent for travel. Anker says it also upgraded the heat dissipation so the charger doesn’t get too hot. And that’s a good thing considering all the stuff you can charge with it.

Another cool feature is that there are three ports altogether. So you can charge three devices at the same time. Your laptop, your phone, and a pair of wireless earbuds for example. Really, don’t miss out on this deal. You can snag it from the link below.

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Anker 736 Charger – Amazon

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