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This Crypto is Putting Carbon Credits on the Blockchain – Microsoft, Netflix and HP Join as Affiliate Partners

IMPT is a brand new project that is focused on capitalising on the growth of ESG investing and the rise of cryptocurrencies. 

The team hope to be able to use cryptocurrencies as a medium for ensuring that carbon credits can be processed more efficiently and transparently, and by placing them on chain they can open up a wider variety of use cases for them – previously carbon credits have only been applied to companies in order to change their habits, but with IMPT they could be used to incentivise individuals to change their behaviours as well. 

The rise of green investing 

Over the course of the past few years, green investing has come to be a considerably important aspect of the investing world, as the politicisation of ESG forces companies to change their behaviours if they wish to have access to the same level of funding. 

ESG makes it easier for companies that are “greener” to gain funding, and harder for those companies that are net pollutant. 

Broadridge Financial Solutions estimates that by the year 2030, the total market cap of the ESG industry will have risen to $30 trillion, with the carbon credits market alone being valued at over $50 billion. 

Over 25,000 companies onboarded 

The team at IMPT has been working diligently to onboard as many companies as they possibly can to their ecosystem, and now has over 25,000 companies onboarded via their affiliate scheme

As well as recent additions such as River Island and Macy’s, the company has managed to onboard industry titans such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. 

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This means that whenever a consumer shops with any of these companies (which are amongst the most ESG compliant in the world) they can be rewarded with IMPT that can then be redeemed for carbon credits. 

By placing carbon credits on the blockchain, the entire ecosystem can be engineered to be far more transparent than anyone could have previously hoped for. Carbon credits can be traded 24/7 and in a far more efficient manner. 

IMPT presale has now raised $13m

The IMPT presale is now live on their website, and has managed to sell out $13m at a record pace, which is particularly impressive when one considers that we are currently in the depths of a bear market. 

The presale is continuing to gain traction, and those who wish to buy IMPT can now do so before the project goes live when the presale is sold out.